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A Nature-containing Cutting Board

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  • South Korea South Korea
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A nature-containing cutting board, made of Hinoki Cypress

100% Hinoki Cypress products

  • It is produced by 100% Hinoki cypress and divided as domestic and Japanese for the reason of the material nature.
  • Atolove doesn't paint and coat and just supply naturally to its customer.
  • The domestic is produced by gathering 2 blockboard and Japanese is produced as a whole.

Produced by 100% Hinoki cypress tree Atolove's nature-put Hinoki cypress cutting board

01 100% Hinoki cypress product

  • Mysterious power phytoncide
    Ato-Love Cutting Board is made with 100% Hinoki cypress that keeps natural phytoncide
  • Antibacterial and microorganism
    It keeps your kitchen clean and hygienic, with phytoncide furming from hardwood that inhhibits bacterial and microbial growths
  • Hinoki cypress aroma of excellent antibacterial and deodorizing
    When the cutting board meets water, the aroma spreads more rich.

02 Matters that require attention

  • Before using wash it with water.(with the metal it can be scratched.)
  • If you wet it before using, it will not be dyed from material.
  • After using, wash it and dry off in the shade.
  • Due to seasonal or environmental factor, crack and bending can occur. Avoid storing in highly humid or too high or too low temperature. If it becomes tame, partedness doesn't occur.