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Ato Love Phytoncide Pillow

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Ato love Phytoncide Cypress Pillow

  • Deep sleep effect,
  • improving immunity
  • relieving fatigue, anti-fungal
  • deodorizing effect
  • relieving stress

The Features of Hinoki Cypress Chip :
We have rounded the chips, by the way of special processing, to avoid a hard and angular feeling, so you will fall into a deep sleep conveniently.

Natural dyeing by utilizing loess and charcoal.

01 The efficacy of loess

1) Emission of far infrared ray/negative ion.
2) Highly effective in anti-fungal effect, moisture absorption, deodorization.

What's far infrared ray?
Far infrared ray has a long wavelength and transmits far infrared heat deep into the skin layer, through which tissue cells get activated. 2000 times of microvibrating per minute help promote rebuilding of injured tissue cells, relieving fatigue, inducing deep sleep and growth.

02 The efficacy of charcoal

1) It provides negative ion.
2) Highly effective in anti-fungal, deodorization.

What's negative ion?
Fresh air in the forests, river, stream, waterfall, mountain and wooded valley contains an abundant amount of negative ions. If we breathe in fresh air as well as being absorbed through the skin, it improves the body's immunity and resistance to illness due to a well balance of ionic substances in our body.