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Ato Love Creative Healthy Life - Pelvis Straightener

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Ato Love Creative Healthy Life - Pelvis Straightener

Ceramic fumigation + perineal region massage.

1. Loess & far infrared ray
Far infrared rays emitted from the loess can be penetrated into the deep layer of human skin and the temperature between 45-55°C can be adjusted properly by sensor.

2. Vibrating massage of perineal region
This product is designed to fit around the perineal region and stimulates by 16 kinds of different rhythm(in case of prostatism, massage is required daily along with a sitz bath or thermotherapy).

Loess Ceramic Ball certified by the KIFA(Korea Far Infrared Association)!!
Emission rate of far infrared ray - 92%
Radiant energy - 4.87 x 102

3. Integrated care program of pelvis
1) Corrective pelvic exercise
2) Spinal exercise
3) Massage of perineal region
4) Ceramic fumigation
5) Perception sensing program that suits one's body type
6) Sphincter exercise program

4. Fitness program for correct posture
1) Correct posture without crossing one's legs
2) Program to keep legs together without spreading
3) Program to stretch one's back
4) Program to repair the hip loosed
5) Pelvis diet program.
6) Improvement program for O or X-shape legs

5. Home care system of pelvis
Pelvis can be managed at home conveniently.

* Efficient pelvic exercise
It would be better to take the posture, as shown on a picture, together with pelvic exerciser. Make sure to take the posture for 5 seconds and get relaxed.

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